What does Raum13 stand for?

Raum13 stands for a new and innovative way of thinking and collaborating. We are entering an economic era in which cooperation will replace competitive thinking. A new “sharing” mindset has evolved. We are using resources, cars, etc. together to save time and energy. This is also reflected in coworking. We not only share resources but also ideas because two (or more) heads are better than one. Working together helps us use synergies and collaborate across industries. It makes us more creative and produces better solutions.

Coworking values

We are constantly striving to develop and improve our space. We do this based on the five coworking values, which make Raum13 a real coworking space. These five values are:

  • Openness: Coworking was started by the open source community. Several principles have been derived from there. Openness means that every coworker can actively contribute to the space while being free to organize their working hours independently.
  • Collaboration: “Give and take” is a core principle of coworking. It is tightly interwoven with the five values. The collaboration between many independent thinkers from various fields, all taking their own decisions, makes coworking so successful and appealing.
  • Sustainability: Just like desk sharing or home office work, coworking is very resource-efficient because a space is shared. Having your own office with all the necessary infrastructure creates additional expenses and has a significant environmental impact.
  • Community: The coworking tribe has always promoted a strong sense of inclusion and community. The more diverse the community in a space, the more successful the individual projects tend to be because every coworker can tap into a wealth of knowledge whenever required.
  • Accessibility: This concept not only refers to having access to your workspace 24/7. It also implies that you are strongly connected with your coworking community and have an open mindset. Accessibility includes access to other professions, experiences, knowledge and skills.
Why join Raum13?

We offer appealing, flexible and affordable office space. But Raum13 is much more than that. It’s a network created by the physical proximity of several freelancers working together. Coworking allows you to perfectly react to market changes. You are independent and flexible and can rely on services provided by other businesses. This also adds value for your customers.

As a freelancer, having a network helps you promote your brand in the marketplace. You are embedded in a strong community instead of being a lone fighter. Startups, in particular, can benefit from the experience and knowledge of their coworkers. Quick feedback, tips and input help

Coworking vs. shared office

Compared to other German-speaking areas, the coworking hype hit Tyrol relatively late. Hip spaces are emerging all over the state. Spaces that are based on real coworking values. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all the coworking places. Just because something is labelled as coworking, doesn’t mean that it actually is. Filling an empty room with desks isn’t enough. An integral part of coworking is value-based. The five coworking values are: openness, collaboration, sustainability, community and accessibility. If a space isn’t open to people from any profession, origin and background, if there is a fear of competition, if resources aren’t shared, if synergies aren’t used and the community isn’t strengthened, if there is limited accessibility and no openness for fluctuation, and if there is no community manager or host, it’s clearly not coworking. These providers merely offer shared office spaces, and that’s what they should call it.

(Read more in the April 2019 edition of the Econova magazine: “Neue Arbeitwelten” by Herwig Zöttl; German only.)