What was the vision when Raum13 was founded?

Breaking ground with innovative collaboration
Providing space for ideas, exchange and cooperation

We wanted to offer freelancers, small businesses and startups appealing office spaces as well as perfect working conditions. We wanted to create a community based on creative and respectful exchange and collaboration benefiting every individual coworker. Raum13 strived to be a platform for new ideas, workshops and manifold networks.

Where does the name Raum13 come from?

We often get this question. The first place where we initially wanted to launch Raum13 had thirteen rooms. Room number 13 was going to be our communication, community and creativity room. Our first community actually consisted of thirteen people. So when we presented our project in the Choch3 coaching process, we started to use Raum13 as a working title. The name turned out to be a good choice as it was easy to remember. Everybody was speaking about Raum13. That’s why we decided to keep the name although we ended up in a different location. After all, our founding year was 2013.

How Raum13 started

Nikola Weiser and Herwig Zöttl founded Raum13 because they were unhappy with their home office and small office. They were getting cabin fever, craving a creative space for exchange. So they created Raum13, a workplace that actually met their workstyle and needs. The fact that this would allow them to offer a creative work environment to other freelancers made the concept even more appealing. It’s clearly more fun to work in a community than sitting at home alone in your little office. Coworking is motivating, creative and lets you learn from others. Whether you need specialized expertise, help with your pricing or feel stuck with one of your projects – Raum13 has enough people providing the right answers, advice and fresh ideas.

The starting point for Raum13 was the Choch3 Creative Community Coaching by KAT (Kreativwirtschaft Austria),  CAST-Gründerservice Tirol (now SAT Standortagentur Tirolstartup.tirol),  the Austrian Economic Chamber, and the Tyrolean Economic Chamber. This is where Nikola and Herwig met and made Herwig’s vision come true.

Meanwhile, Nikola and her partner ventured on a new path to Germany, where they took over the Sonnentor resort. Herwig’s wife Katharina has joined Raum13 to run the administration.