Living room

in Innsbruck

"Living room" event space

Our “living room” event space is available to our coworkers for breaks, relaxing, reading the daily newspaper or your favourite magazine, but also for meetings.

Smaller events for up to 25-30 people can also be held here (such as the bi-annual Creative Industry meeting with live broadcasting of the Creative Industry discussions from Vienna). We will convert the living room according to your requirements (e.g. concert seating etc.). External booking is possible provided that you contact us early on. Check our calendar for current availability.

External booking

Our living room can be booked for events without a FIXED or FLEX contract. Please contact the Raum13 team.

2 hours


each additional hour



Food and drinks:

Drinks and snacks are billed at cost. Please contact our Raum13 community manager to make sure you’ll have what you need. Beverage prices are posted on site.

Presentation tools:

A projector, screen and seminar equipment are available and included in the price. Please enquire in good time to ensure we’ll have all your equipment ready.


For coworkers using the FIXED or FLEX packages, all rooms are included (fair use). Any use beyond this will be subject to a 25% discount. Please enquire with the Raum13 team.

External booking of our living room is subject to availability. Please understand that Raum13 coworkers come first.
No key required. Bookable on weekdays with prior reservation.

After 6 p.m.: surcharge + 50%.
Curfew: 11:30 p.m.
Prices are excl. 20% VAT. Drinks will be charged extra.