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Frequently asked questions

What makes Raum13 a real coworking space?

Real coworking is based on the 5 coworking values:

openness | collaboration | sustainability | community | accessibility

Our space is open to everyone regardless of their profession or origin. You don’t need to be afraid of competition because we strive to support and cooperate with each other. Resources are shared and synergies are supported. Access is unlimited. We are open to fluctuation, offering various flexible contracts. The “good soul”, the community manager, is a central part of the community, taking care of many things concerning your everyday work and making sure that everything runs smoothly in our space. Raum13 is based on community. We are not a shared office, we are real coworking.
Read more: Philosophy

Do I have a permanently allocated desk in Raum13?

In principle, there is no entitlement to a specific place. Please enquire in person about the exact rules.

Can I make calls?

Telephone calls are allowed. These are part of everyday work. Nevertheless, we ask you to respect others and adjust the volume accordingly. If the conversation does not necessarily have to take place at the workplace, you can use the meeting kitchen, the living room or the long corridor in front of Raum13 to make your calls. In principle, our motto also applies here: Everything is allowed as long as it doesn’t bother anyone else.

Can I listen to music?

If everyone agrees: yes! Otherwise please only with headphones. Our motto is: Everything is allowed as long as it doesn’t bother anyone else.

May I officially register my business at the Raum13 location?

Yes, you can register your business at the Raum13 location and also use the Raum13 company address. However, a usage agreement must be concluded with a minimum term of 3 months. We would prefer a minimum stay of 6 months to prevent abuse. We reserve the right to customize the regulation. Thank you for your understanding. After the end of the contract period, you will have to take according measures to ensure that Raum13 will not be inconvenienced in any way.

Can I have mail and parcels delivered?

Yes, this is possible with the FIXED and MONTHLY FLEX 3 DAYS contracts. However, it is important to ensure that parcels are shipped immediately. Raum13 assumes no liability for lost deliveries.

How does the payment work?

As a flexible coworker, you pay at check-out either in cash or by credit or debit card. (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro)
You only need to show your ID when checking in.
As a permanent coworker, you will receive the invoice electronically at the beginning of every month. This must be paid in advance via bank transfer or you give us a SEPA direct debit mandate, so you don´t need to worry about the payment anymore.

What are the duties of a coworker?

“Your only job is your job!”
This is our guiding principle. The community manager takes care of the rest. However, we would be delighted if you could help to ensure that Raum13 always looks neat. Especially in the kitchen, we’ll ask you to always put away your dishes etc. You’ll also have to take care of your desk yourself. Only the general areas are cleaned.

Is there an overview of all the package details?

Yes there is. This table shows all the packages and services included:

fixed desk
1 month flex
start-up ticket
10-day pass
1 week flex
1 day flex
Use per week


7d/24hrs. 3d/24hrs. 10x 1d/9hrs. 1x 5d/9hrs.


Contract terms min. 3 months 30 consecutive days min. 3 months valid max. 4 months 5 consecutive days 1 day
Guaranteed desk

Flex desk changing based on availability

Company address, mailbox,
parcel delivery

Business registration website entry (incl. photo)

Raum13 benefits

Access times

0-24 hrs.

0-24 hrs. 0-24 hrs. on workdays
9am – 6pm
on workdays
9am – 6pm
on workdays
9am – 6pm
Mobile app access

Chip access


Guest WiFi

Internal WiFi

Coffee (fair use)

Printer (fair use)


Living Room

Meeting Kitchen

Lockable trays


Roll container

excl. VAT
incl. VAT

275,00 €
330,00 €

325,00 €
390,00 €
150,00 €
180,00 €
185,00 €
222,00 €
90,00 €
108,00 €

20,83 €
25,00 €